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A collection of macros for gtk-rs, Relm4 and Rust in general.

The docs are available in two versions. Use the stable docs if you want get information about a version that was already published. Visit the nightly docs if are trying out the newest but possibly unstable version of the crate.

Docs of related crates: relm4 | relm4-macros | relm4-components | gtk4-rs | gtk-rs-core | libadwaita-rs | libpanel-rs

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  • A macro to create menus.
  • The view! macro allows you to construct your UI easily and cleanly.

Attribute Macros

  • Macro that implements relm4::Component or relm4::SimpleComponent and generates the corresponding widgets struct.
  • Macro that implements relm4::factory::FactoryComponent and generates the corresponding widgets struct.
  • A macro to generate widget templates.