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An idiomatic GUI library inspired by Elm and based on gtk4-rs.

The docs are available in two versions. Use the stable docs if you want get information about a version that was already published. Visit the nightly docs if are trying out the newest but possibly unstable version of the crate.

Docs of related crates: relm4 | relm4-macros | relm4-components | gtk4-rs | gtk-rs-core | libadwaita-rs | libpanel-rs

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  • Action utility.
  • Components are smaller mostly independent parts of your application.
  • Utility to help drawing on a gtk::DrawingArea in a Relm4 application. Create a DrawHandler, initialize it, and get its context when handling a message (that could be sent from the draw signal).
  • Defines traits and data types to generate widgets from collections efficiently.
  • Utilities for removing temporary widgets from async factories or components.
  • Commonly-imported traits and types.
  • Shared state that can be accessed by many components.
  • Cancellation mechanism used by Relm4.




  • Defines the maximum number of background threads to spawn for handling blocking tasks.
  • Defines how many threads that Relm4 should use for background tasks.



Attribute Macros

  • Macro that implements relm4::Component or relm4::SimpleComponent and generates the corresponding widgets struct.
  • Macro that implements relm4::factory::FactoryComponent and generates the corresponding widgets struct.
  • A macro to generate widget templates.