Module relm4::factory::collections

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Containers similar to std::collections that implement the Factory trait.

Which factory type to use

Use FactoryVec if you only need to push and pop at the back. If you need more flexibility for example for pushing or removing items at arbitrary indices use FactoryVecDeque.

Also, FactoryVec works with all container widgets that implement FactoryView such as gtk::Box or gtk::Grid.

FactoryVecDeque additionally needs container widgets to implement the FactoryListView trait that’s implements support for adding and removing widgets at arbitrary positions. gtk::Grid for example only works with FactoryVec but not with FactoryVecDeque because widgets can’t be inserted at arbitrary positions.

Another difference is that FactoryVecDeque will insert widgets at the beginning if the container used for the factory contains other widgets that were inserted independently from the factory. Yet, FactoryVec will insert widgets at the end in the same scenario.