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An idiomatic GUI library inspired by Elm and based on gtk4-rs



  • Action utility.
  • Utility to help drawing on a gtk::DrawingArea in a Relm4 application. Create a DrawHandler, initialize it, and get its context when handling a message (that could be sent from the draw signal).
  • Defines traits and data types used to efficiently generating widgets from collections.
  • Utility traits for working with GTK widgets.



  • A AsyncRelmWorker is like a RelmWorker but runs the AsyncComponentUpdate::update function in a tokio Runtime.
  • MicroComponent is a small component that lives in their parents model, can be modified from their parents model but at the same time have their own widgets and update function
  • The app that runs the main application. A RelmApp consists of a model that stores the application state and widgets that represent the UI.
  • A component that can be part of the main application or other components.
  • RelmMsgHandlers are usually used to run expansive tasks on different threads and report back when they are finished so that their parent components can keep handling UI events in the meantime. For example you could use a RelmMsgHandler for sending a HTTP request or for copying files.
  • RelmWorkers are like RelmComponents but they don’t have any widgets.
  • A Sender that can be used to send items to the corresponding main context receiver.




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