pub trait FactoryComponent: Position<<Self::ParentWidget as FactoryView>::Position> + Sized + 'static {
    type ParentWidget: FactoryView + 'static;
    type ParentInput: Debug + 'static;
    type CommandOutput: Debug + Send + 'static;
    type Input: Debug + 'static;
    type Output: Debug + 'static;
    type Init;
    type Root: AsRef<<Self::ParentWidget as FactoryView>::Children> + Debug + Clone;
    type Widgets: 'static;

    fn init_model(
        init: Self::Init,
        index: &DynamicIndex,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) -> Self; fn init_root(&self) -> Self::Root; fn init_widgets(
        &mut self,
        index: &DynamicIndex,
        root: &Self::Root,
        returned_widget: &<Self::ParentWidget as FactoryView>::ReturnedWidget,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) -> Self::Widgets; fn output_to_parent_input(
        _output: Self::Output
    ) -> Option<Self::ParentInput> { ... } fn update(&mut self, message: Self::Input, sender: FactorySender<Self>) { ... } fn update_cmd(
        &mut self,
        message: Self::CommandOutput,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) { ... } fn update_cmd_with_view(
        &mut self,
        widgets: &mut Self::Widgets,
        message: Self::CommandOutput,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) { ... } fn update_view(
        widgets: &mut Self::Widgets,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) { ... } fn update_with_view(
        &mut self,
        widgets: &mut Self::Widgets,
        message: Self::Input,
        sender: FactorySender<Self>
    ) { ... } fn shutdown(
        &mut self,
        widgets: &mut Self::Widgets,
        output: Sender<Self::Output>
    ) { ... } fn id(&self) -> String { ... } }
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A component that’s stored inside a factory. Similar to Component but adjusted to fit the life cycle of factories.

Required Associated Types§

Container widget to which all widgets of the factory will be added.

Input messages sent to the parent component.

Messages which are received from commands executing in the background.

The message type that the factory component accepts as inputs.

The message type that the factory component provides as outputs.

The parameter used to initialize the factory component.

The widget that was constructed by the factory component.

The type that’s used for storing widgets created for this factory component.

Required Methods§

Initializes the model.

Initializes the root widget

Initializes the widgets.

Provided Methods§

Optionally convert an output message from this component to an input message for the parent component.

If None is returned, nothing is forwarded.

Processes inputs received by the component.

Defines how the component should respond to command updates.

Handles updates from a command.

Updates the view after the model has been updated.

Updates the model and view. Optionally returns a command to run.

Last method called before a component is shut down.

An identifier for the component used for debug logging.

The default implementation of this method uses the address of the component, but implementations are free to provide more meaningful identifiers.