Roughly one month after the first stable release a I’m happy to announce the second stable release of Relm4! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

About Relm4

We believe that GUI development should be easy, productive and delightful.
The gtk4-rs crate already provides everything you need to write modern, beautiful and cross-platform applications. Built on top of this foundation, Relm4 makes developing more idiomatic, simpler and faster and enables you to become productive in just a few hours.

What’s new?

Overall there have been a lot of fixes and improvements, most importantly:

  • Better error messages in the widget macro

  • Widgets and components are now always added in the correct order by the widget macro (#20)

  • Reusable components can now be used multiple times in the same application (thanks to mskorkowski)

  • Factories were reworked to better handle TabViews in libadwaita

The full change log can be found here. Even though there are a few breaking changes, existing projects should be able to update with no or only minor changes.

Where to get started

Relm4 has an outstanding documentation. The official book covers every aspect of Relm4 and is made for everyone from beginners to experts. Also, there a lots of examples that can be found in the repository.

Special thanks

Maintaining an open-source library next to a full time job is quite challenging. All the more I appreciate feedback and contributions to Relm4 and thank those who helped me with this release:

  • mskorkowski who pointed out several issues and also fixed them :)
  • tronta who again contributed a lot to the book and added examples
  • maruns, bunnegirl and a-kenji who provided helpful feedback
  • the whole gtk-rs team for providing awesome Rust bindings for GTK and always being helpful